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In 2009 I was watching a Wisconsin Assembly floor session and they were talking about the Wisconsin School Choice program.  At the time my grandson was attending Eastbrook Academy, a choice school.  My Assemblyman, Fred Kessler, a Democrat, said he would close down this successful educational opportunity if he could.  I also watched as the Democrats were passing laws that would kill the choice by over-regulation.

It was then that I decided that despite never being involved in partisan politics I would run against Kessler.

I wasn't successful in my attempt to replace Kessler, but it was my foray into becoming involved with the Republican Party which lasted for about a dozen years.  During that time I was the chairman of the Milwaukee North Branch of the Republican Party of Milwaukee County and also the Chair of the Milwaukee County Republicans.  I left the Republican Party in 2019 and currently consider myself an independent Classical Liberal.

The good news for school choice was that 2010 was a Republican Tsunami and they reversed the Dem changes and made the choice program stronger.

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